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Vittoria is very similar to father Alphadirato Corner Stone. Elegant, female bitch is an excellent type with strong bones and a beautiful top-line. A pedigree head, perfect a neck in volume with correct transition. Movements are light and well balanced. Tori had very good results on DogShows. In this season she has got 3 CACIB-s in different countries in one month! We hope, that in the future it will bring very good contribution to the development of breed.

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Date of birth : 15.10.2004 Colour : liver spotted
Sex: female Health tests : HD AA/00; all teeth; ARDS free; fundus, lens - CLEAR
Breeder : Karina Zakarjan Owner : Tatyana Strashkina
Alphadirato Corner Stone Spotniks Special Selection Spotniks Quick Quackery
Spotniks Milkmaid
Laguna Dios Alisia Donna Rocca Al Mare Adirato
Paloma Bianca Benedetto Retma Paparazzi Retma Bluegrass
Retma Media Madness
Saulites Nikol Ares z Kocurowki
Chalns Agostina
Champion of : INT CH, JLV CH, LV, EST, LT, BALT, RUS, BLR CH
Estimations and titles : BALTIC WINNER '08
TOP dalmatian :

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Website: http://www.benfatto.lv
Показано: 3082
Добавено: 2008-03-25 18:35:03
Последно обновяване: 2008-08-05 16:12:53


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