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How we all depend on eachother

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Publicist Angel Neychev   
Friday, 29 September 2006
How we all depend on eachother...whether we like it or not....

Almost all breeders you meet, talk and behave as if they have invented the dog they are showing !!.At least if it is a very nice dog.
What they seem to forget is that their dog has a pedigree!!
When a breeder has kept a nice puppy from a litter, this puppy seems to have no father, if the father comes from another breeder.All you hear about is the mother bred at the same kennel as the puppy.
I have also discovered that some puppies even seem to have lost their mother, if she is bought from another breeder.
 ctually this makes us all seem a bit ridiculous
We all want to be acknowledge for our good work as breeders, and ”forget” that our breeding stock is built on what others have achieved in the past.

When a breeder uses a ”star stud dog”, hoping to get a star himself ,( a son or daughter from this famous father.) one of the following reactions are certain:
If they do get a nice puppy, they soon ”forget” that the puppy has a father ,travelling around from show to show being very proud of their newborn star..On the other hand, should the offspring of this famous stud prove to be a disappoinment, the father is very well remembered, being the only parent responsible for the unwanted result.
How can one, having this philosophy succeed in the difficult art of being a dogbreeder.?
One cannot!!
As mentioned before, I got my first really good litter from Ch. Timankas Talented Clown.
He was a son of Ch. Timankas Single Ace, who was born as the only bitch in a premature litter at kennel Timanka. It took a lot of work and knowlegde to make her survive. The breeder did not sleep many hours during the puppies` first weeks of life,but ”Trixi” lived and produced one of the most important stud dogs in Norway. He fathered my own Ch.Perditas Long Live Love.
I also used Ch. Dalmos Educated Edgar,He was from pure english lines,his mother being the result of imports, while his father was a direct import from England To get breeding stock from England has never been easy, and the breeders getting them to Scandinavia spent a lot of time and money in the process.
Another important dog in my breeding is Dalmings Easter Parade,I bought him from Trine Senderud.
He is the father of Ch. Perditas Just in Time,Ch. Perditas Keen Observer and Ch. Perditas Inkasso. These three dogs have produced more than.40 litters, both at home and abroad.
The fourth stud dog I tried from another breeder was T-cart Unicus. Here I got Ch. Perditas Inside Information .
At home I have a very promising young bitch fathered by Ch. Jillocs A Man in The Mirror.
So you can see that the ”Perdita dogs” are built on other breeders work
At present I find it meaningless competing in the showrings.If the dog I show should be the winner,it will in many cases only be a matter of beating my own work- having bred many of my competitors or their parents in the past.This is the case with all breeders of some standing. Still many of them seem to enjoy competing against their own dogs. This you must agree is quite ludicrous.
Maybe we should leave the small shows with 20 entries to the private owners, while breeders should compete only at the big events. Here they have the opportunity to compare the results of different combinations involving their own dogs, which is the important thing for a breeder..
As this year is moving to its close, I would like to remind us all about the fact that we are only a small part in the chain called dalmatian breeding..
All we can achieve at the most, is to give the next generation of breeders a better quality breeding stock than we got from the generation before us. This can only happen through co-operation between breeders, in spite of how all kinds of competitions makes us very self- centered , and gives us all a very short memory!.

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