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Publicist Angel Neychev   
Friday, 04 May 2007
The legendary Ch Snow Lepard from England born in the 1920
The legendary Ch Snow Lepard from England born in the 1920
I have had quite a few discussions both with other breeders and dog owners, when it comes to how important I think type is.

Type for me is alpha and omega! So what do I mean by the word type? A Dalmatian of the correct type, is a dog that fulfills most of what the standard asks for in a good Dal   I am very, very careful not to change anything from this standard to suit the dog I am going to breed from, and will always have to accept some shortcomings.
The other breeder may say that for her health and temper are a must and this is the most important issues for her when it comes to breeding Dalmatians. This is of course very important issues, but I  usually  answer that if this is so important, why not breed “mixtures”? You can pick a dog of any breed that you know has an excellent temper and good health and mate her to a dog from another breed with the same qualities. Then you should be sure to get puppies with good health and temper ,as you would have thousands of animals to choose from..
I breed Dalmatians and then I owe it to the breed to try to get the puppies as  close to the standard as possible ,to me a Dalmatian of poor quality in type and confirmation does not become a  good Dalmatian because he has an excellent temper and ditto health.
I also suspect that when a breeder put such great emphasis on health and temper it is partly because her dogs are lacking in type.
When I pick animals to breed from I firstly have to find specimens that are of a good, preferably excellent type. And they have to be correct in the aspects where my bitch has a lot to ask for. They should not be overdone when it comes to these qualities ,but correct. If I have a poorly angulated bitch I look for a correct angulated stud. He should not be over angulated! A bitch with a snipy nose should get a stud with a correct one, not one with a heavy muzzle.
So do I not put any importance on health and temper? Of course I do, but I only investigate these issues if I like the type of the dog in question. Another matter is, that it is very difficult to get correct answers when you ask a breeder or dog owner about these things, some of them get offended, and quite a few will not understand what you are asking.
I have the same problems when I get a new visitor in my kennel, and have found that the surest way to get a correct answer is to ask if their dog likes strangers. If they answer that the dog only accept women without glasses and with dark clothes, I know I am in for a troublesome two weeks during which  this dog is supposed to be in my care. The same applies when I ask an owner about a dogs temper, I ask very exact questions. And in this way I can tell if the dog has a temper suitable to my bitch. I use words like happy instead of aggravated, quite in stead of shy ,nosy instead of roaming and so forth...
My problem is that I find it more and more difficult to find Dalmatians of an excellent type,and this is where we all have to take responsibility, and maybe do something about it before it is too late.

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