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Breeding theories

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Publicist Angel Neychev   
Tuesday, 28 November 2006
Dallas Petticoat Lane
Dallas Petticoat Lane
On this page I`ll write something about my ideas and expierences when it comes to breeding dalmatians and everything connected to this difficult task. I will welcome your views, hoping some of us will have a fruitful discussion.
After I myself had had a few litters with so and so results, I understood that I needed some kind of goal for my breeding. I knew that I could not manage too many details, and so TYPE became the most important word in my head.
Ideally there should be only one type. The one that is described in the standard, but we all know that different breeders read different meaning into the words of this document and so we end up agreeing only on the measureable and countable requirements in the breed standard.
At that time as today dalmatians looked very different from each other which goes to show that understanding the standard is depending on the dogs you are used to seeing.
I myself was a great admirer of the Dallas dogs. They had correct proportions with good length of body strongboned with level backs and many had beautiful heads.
On top of this page you can see a picture of my favorite bitch, Dallas Petticoat Lane born in 1986. I still feel the same way about her, and I have yet to create something quite as lovely, but I believe I have dogs of the same type.
Many years ago at our grand special show, Mrs Hammarlund won BOB with a bitch called Dallas Nellie Flag, I was very surprised when I heard her say that this was a bitch she did not like very much. Then I realized that you have to decide how you like your dogs to look, and keep to your ideal regardless of what different jugdes or for that matter other breeders may feel about them. At the same time you have to keep an open mind to constructive critisism, to avoid your dogs to become too "typy"
I should wish that our breed had more confirmity, but as said above the types vary, and every breeder has to decide which type of dalmatian he or she prefers.The important thing is that you have a type, and that you are true to this when choosing your breeding stock.
I have only recently become a user of internet and as I am surfing to all kinds of homepages. I can see that a good dalmatian has different meaning in different parts of the world. Even though I know exactly how a good dalmatian should look in my eyes, I will not try to convince others to see it my way.
However, don`t try to decide your type of dalmatian by using a negative approach.Some breeders start all their sentences by saying what they dont want,they dont want their dogs too heavy or too elegant or too long or too strong. Why not think positive and decide how you do want them?
I have found that correct proportions according to the standard is of the utmost importance. It is amazing to see what a difference it makes when this is disregarded. Dalmatians shall also be well muscled from top to toe, have a strong level back not only when standing alert and consentrated but even when they start moving.Correct waywinning and strong movements prove that your dog has a good construction. Once you have decided how you want a good dalmatian to look, you have to set about creating them!!!
You can either choose to breed from looks or from pedigrees, if you are lucky you can choose dogs that fulfill both requirements, but that is depending on finding a breeder that is linebreeding on the type of dogs you like. Anyway you find a puppy having parents that look the way you want them to and if she proves to develop into a healthy and sweet tempered adult, your luck is done!!!
Then you "only" have to find a stud dog that is of a similar type as your bitch, dont look for his titles or great wins, only that he is of the correct type as you see it Also good health and sweet temper are a must. Should he prove to have a title so much the better, but this is not of prime importance.After having seen him, you study his pedigree, should he be related to your bitch through a common forefather of good quality you can jump with joy, but even if he is not you are lucky to have found a dog with the right type according to your view.
Once you have your litter you must again pick the right puppy. Never mind if she should have a bit too many or too few spots, or similar shortcomings. Do you have two puppies that you like, keep them both for the time beeing.
Most of the time one of them will develop into becoming better than the other, and so you hopefully end up with the best one. Also remember that small faults that may be a disadvantage when it comes to showing may not cause any problem when it comes to breeding. Showing must always be your second consideration when choosing a good brood bitch. We have so many that fit into the first category and so few in the other.
This is my theory, but don`t believe that practicing it is easy. If you linebreed too close for too many generations you will have to outbreed sooner or later, and so the problems start all over again. If on the other hand you breed dogs for generations that only look alike, but are not related, you will find that as soon as you choose a stud dog of a different type, your puppies will also vary in types.
To strengthen your bitches impact on their off.spring, you have to linebreed them, and so you start balancing on an edge. It is most important that the bitch you start linebreeding on is a very good broodbitch with no weaknesses in health or character. After two or three generations of linebreeding, you can try to outcross again, to see if this third generation bitch passes on her own type. If not you will still have to linebreed for yet one generation, with all the risks this implies.
But without linebreeding you are only creating more and more dalmatians that will never have much impact on the breed.
The above is what I myself has expierenced through the years, maybe you know a better way of setting about creating good dogs.I sincereley hope you will join in and give your point of view.
I`ll try to come up with another topic next month.
Kind regards and good luck to us all.

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